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We work by balancing contextual inquiry, inspired creativity and innovation strategy. We translate deep insights into meaningful and relevant solutions that serve people’s needs and have the highest business impact.
We help mHealth Startups, Pharma, Hospitals, NGO’s, Doctors and Patients with the single objective of  making innovation in healthcare work because we take health seriously.


How we humanise IT

What happens to my data if I stop using a particular brand of mobile device?
By combining Psychology, Technology and Design we are able to find a natural balance that allows users of all backgrounds to interact more intuitively with technology and at the same time technology can help people develop healthy habits and make positive behaviour changes  that are beneficial to their long-term well-being. 
We also try to make our solutions future proof!


Are you ready for the next generation?

How we help

It usually starts with a client giving us a brief, a challenge that needs reframing, a new look at the same old problem. We go out and carry out quantitive and qualititive research. We keep digging until we find a collection of new insights which we share with our clients and together with their vision and our new understanding we develop ideas that blend into the clients business models and connect at a meaningful level with the different types of users.


One thing that is constant about people is that they are all different: their age, existing relationship with technology, their needs or problems (whether a
depression, an addiction or simply having difficulties adhering to a specific treatment).
Our team combines people from Neuroscience, Life coaching and medicine, combined together to make improvements to the system and improve the lives of many.


Technology has already taken us so far, now words like mHealth, healthIT and startups are commonplace. We collaborate with global specialists, following every trend to help us plan for tomorrows healthcare. At the same time, we keep an eye on the existing limitations people have and look for ways to make our relationship with technology more intuitive beyond Apps and wearables.


Design Thinking is helping the healthcare revolution. We know first hand as we have organised many workshops with Doctors and patients and seen  is possible. Innovation is open to everyone and anyone can collaboratively create designs that are desirable, viable and feasible. Our goal is to help our clients find solutions that are used frequently and over a long period of time so that their investment in healthcare innovation is successful.

Our clients
love our work

But don’t just take our word for it...

“Health Mavericks me transmitió cuando los conocí la ilusión y el entusiasmo por creer y sentir lo que realmente hacen. Es una empresa joven con un saber hacer y una vocación increíble, con amplia experiencia en el tema y con unos resultados sorprendentes. Es un placer trabajar con gente así.” – Cristina Facerias,  Springer Healthcare

“Health Mavericks me transmitió cuando los conocí la ilusión y el entusiasmo por creer y sentir lo que realmente hacen. Es una empresa joven con un saber hacer y una vocación increíble, con amplia experiencia en el tema y con unos resultados sorprendentes. Es un placer trabajar con gente así.” – Cristina Facerias, Springer Healthcare


Humanising Digital Health

mHealth bridges many areas as you can see from some of the more recent projects we have been working on.

Meet the team

From all walks of life

Gary van Broekhoven

CEO, Service & Behaviour Designer

Award winning innovator with over 18 years working in a variety of projects from addictive variable reward systems to helping cancer patients get back on their feet. He created Europe’s first University course in Behaviour Design and specialises in Consumer Psychology.

Jan Heijting

Service Designer & Coach

Award winning design strategist and user researcher with 15 years experience consulting blue-chip companies across a range of industries.  He is passionate about combining his experience in design and knowledge of Neuro-linguistic Programming to help people achieve their goals.

Brian Burgess

Service Designer

A former Naval Officer with 8 years of experience in strategy, leadership and project management in diverse and fast-paced environments. As a designer he brings an inquisitive and creative approach to understand, analyze and reframe questions to form meaningful insights.

Sella Masselink

Neuropsychologist and Service Designer

A consumer scientist with 5 years at Unilever setting up scientific studies to gain business related insights in the field of human functioning, emotions and consumer behaviour.

Tobias Rodrigues

Communications expert & Elite team trainer

Thanks to 7 years working with prisoners and patients, our in house philosopher and conflictologist has a talent to help teams and individuals improve their performance. He teaches at one of the worlds most prestigious business schools and is a corporate trainer.

Dr. Monica Terán Diaz

General practitioner

Many years in the front line helping the lives of 1000’s of people. A curious mind always looking to gain a deeper understanding of how different types of treatment can make an impact.

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